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About Us

Barry Baird

Barry is a true “endurance geek”. His passion for triathlons and helping others achieve their athletic goals was a strong influence in the establishment of his own business in 2007. The business is appropriately called Endurance Geeks and their services include everything from metabolic testing to coaching multi-sport athletes.


Barry has been competing in triathlons of all distances for seven years and this includes three Ironman finishes. Although training and racing in triathlons is a passion, his true enjoyment is educating and assisting fellow athletes improve in the sport. He has a strong foundation in the field of fitness and holds a BS degree in Exercise Science, a MS degree in Occupational Safety and Health, and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.


When not immersed in training or racing, Barry makes family a top priority. He has a very supportive wife and two daughters whom are active in swim and dance. A triathlon is a family event for the Baird household, as you will often find his wife and daughters at races holding signs near the finish line that say, “Go Daddy”!

The Bairds at Music City Triathlon 2010


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